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Graduate Students

The graduate students who are profiled on this research website are individuals with whom I have had the privilege of working whose research explores in some way the topic of parents and/or the positioning of parents in relation to schools.

Richard Dube

Richard is a talented music educator who has worked in core communities in Saskatoon for a large part of his teaching career. He has made amazing social contributions through founding such programs as the Heart of the City Piano Program and through developing his Native American Flute curriculum, the focus of his master’s research. Richard

Tamara Murray

Tamara has just completed a draft of her master’s thesis on parents’ perspectives of homework and its impact on children, parents and families. Her thesis defense will be scheduled in Fall 2008. Her thesis proposal is currently posted as an introduction to her proposed research. Her thesis will be posted prior to Christmas break. Homework

Bill Murphy

Bill was a graduate student at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia with whom I worked from 2001 until I moved to the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. Bill and I found many common intersections in our work and our research about parents, and he taught me a great deal about the impact

Ted Amendt

Ted is one of the first people I met upon moving to Saskatoon. Working as a Community Education Consultant for Saskatchewan Learning, Ted introduced me to staff and parents at Princess Alexandra School. That experience led to the Dr. Stirling McDowell Research I was engaged in at Princess and to many other collaborations between

Susan Reschny

Susan and I first worked together in a teacher education partnership established between the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan and St. George School with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division. Having had the opportunity to work alongside her with students and teacher candidates, it was a real pleasure to continue and