Narrative Inquiries into Curriculum Making in Teacher Education

In this title the authors explore how individuals' identity and personal practical knowledge are being formed, shifted or interrupted through moments in teacher education which the authors have carefully and thoughtfully constructed. The particularity of the stories expressed in this collection, provide us with multiple perspectives and multiple entry points into making deeper sense of the complexity of curriculum-making in teacher education. As the stories of experience resonate with our own or as they stand apart from them, they provoke us to re-imagine teacher education, and to retell and relive our own stories of teacher education with new possibility.

Speaking – Parental Engagement

Dr. Debbie Pushor will help us to understand what is the difference between parental “involvement” and “engagement”? And what effect can parental engagement have on students’ attitudes toward school, attendance, behaviour, marks, graduation rates, and their sense of personal competence? Debbie Pushor, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, has been studying the relationship between

Disposition: An attitude and an action?

In the last edition of School Advocate, I began to talk about how important the attitudes and dispositions of educators and school staff are to truly engaging parents in processes of schooling. Since that writing, I have found myself continuing to be fascinated with the word “disposition.” Typically, we think of a disposition as a

Early Career Award

On April 16, 2009 in San Diego, CA, Debbie Pushor was presented with an Early Career Award, an International award sponsored by the Narrative Research Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). This award is designed to recognize a researcher’s outstanding accomplishment in the area of narrative research and is

Parent engagement: It’s an attitude

I walked by my son’s bedroom a little earlier today and was dismayed to see the chaotic state it was in. Clothes cover the floor, drawers and closet doors hang open, his laundry basket is still full of the clean laundry that never got put away and his book shelves are loaded with many more things than books. Why is it that our son’s room continues to be in such disarray when we have provided him with spaces and places for all his things?

You must be the change…

In my September article, I asserted that this year could be a year of change in schools if each reader did something new or different – just one thing – to create or strengthen the place and voice of parents in their children’s schooling. I invited you to let me know of the one thing

School Advocate – YOU must be the change …

We are just a few days into the 2008-2009 school year. We can still feel the energy and anticipation of a new beginning and smell the freshness of paint and floor wax applied during the summer. Is there any reason to believe this school year will be different than any other? Is there any reason

New Website Launch!

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