LEARNing Landscapes: Issues and Innovations

The current issue presents texts that we hope will help educators more deeply understand the meaning and responsibility of curriculum in our schools and the wider community.

Publications 2008

To provide an understanding of the learning in teacher education that happens in a voluntary and deliberate small group gathering place, we story our living out of relational knowing, respectful listening, response, inquiry, ‘world’-travelling, attending to tensions, learning to think narratively, and becoming teacher educators. What we open up in this

Publications 2007

In this article, I tell and unpack two narratives of my experiences with welcoming parents into schools. I explore what it means to be ‘welcoming’ and I foreground elements that appear significant in creating a sense of place and engagement for parents in their children’s schooling.

Pushor, D. (2007, Fall).

Publications 2006

Glanfield, F. & Pushor, D. (2006, Spring). The courage to be constructivist mathematics leaders. National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership, 9, (1), 25-33.